What if Elvis Costello and Lucinda Williams got in a pickup truck and drove across America writing songs? They'd probably write about some of the strange characters they meet along the way, such as Mrs. Jones, the bitter divorcee who hauls her past around in a "distinctive" black Cadillac…
And every grievance that she's nursed
Rides behind her in the hearse
What you don't bury, you carry along
But the stench gets a little strong
"Mrs. Jones Cadillac" ©2007 K. Beadles
They might talk about moments of transformation — that interval when a decision is made, an emotion discovered, or a life upended…
You can't argue with water
You can't reason with rain
It just falls where it wants to
And love's the same
"You Can't Argue with Water" ©2008 K. Beadles
They might tell stories that combine wry humor and bittersweet irony to reveal a unique perspective on life and music. Or maybe Elvis and Lucinda would just kick back, turn on the radio, and groove to Kevin Beadles instead.

Kevin Beadles leads an Americana rock band that plays a mix of original music and cover songs influenced by Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams, John Hiatt, Ryan Adams, and Neil Young. His music unites classic rock with the back porch drawl of gospel, blues and alt. country. What you get is roots music with plenty of branches.

Since his June 2000 debut, Kevin Beadles has performed regularly throughout the Bay Area. His songs have been featured on independent/college radio stations and webcasts from Berkeley to Belgium. The quality of the band's live show has led to repeat bookings wherever they've played.

All Down for Austin (rough mix)
Mrs. Jones' Cadillac
This Might Get Loud (Grand Prize Winner - Great American Song Contest 2014 & West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest 2015)